Curriculum and Programs

Our Guarantee

To employ outstanding teachers combined with effective curriculum and various supplementary programs to maximize your child’s potential. We believe that the combination for success is:

  • Proper Learning Atmosphere
  • Nutritional Awareness
  • Age Appropriate Exercise Activities

What we offer at Little Protégés

  • Curriculum – To ensure your children are prepared to enter the Calvert County schools, we have chosen to utilize the Houghton-Mifflin curriculum. This is a hands-on, minds-on program that is based on scientific research.
  • Languages – We further enhance our program by offering a second language to each student, based on age and aptitude.  Infants up to twenty three months of age are taught sign language.  Ages twenty four months and over are also taught Spanish.
  • Nutritional Awareness Program – We incorporate the Feingold Program philosophy when applicable for healthy nutritional guidance.
  • Creative Art and Music – We believe creative expression is important.  Research demonstrates the value of creative expression as a means to reduce fear, worry, sadness and increase self-worth and happiness.
  • Exercise – We offer planned exercise activities as well as scheduled time for outdoor play.
  • Classroom Environment – A positive classroom environment is essential for the success of an early childhood program.  The physical arrangement of each classroom accommodates different learning areas or centers, which serve to teach and enhance cognitive and social skills. Large and small group activities take place in each classroom.  Each room also incorporates an outdoor scheme and the colors of nature which are more comforting for children.
  • Security – Our security features include a monitored alarm system, secured entry/exits, and monitor cameras in each classroom, as well as the entrance and playground. There will be a monitor wall in the lobby so the director, as well as parents, can view each room, exits and the playground without interrupting the learning environment.
  • Environmentally safe cleaning products – The chemicals that make industrial cleaners so good at cleaning up tough stains can also be harmful to people. This is especially true for children, whose growing neurological systems could be damaged by exposure to toxic materials. We have chosen to use environmentally safe cleaning products throughout our center.