Little Proteges Early Learning Centre provides a nurturing and mentoring environment for children ages 6 weeks to twelve years of age. We have incorporated custom amenities, coupled with innovative and age appropriate learning programs to establish an effective learning environment. We also provide a nutritious lunch, morning and afternoon snack.

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Why Us

We are not the typical child care center. We have created a complete program for our children. We have explored this from a variety of aspects-- effective curriculum, integrated languages (Sign Language and Spanish), incorporating the Feingold Program for healthy nutritional guidance and planned exercise activities along with play.

There is nothing like this in our area and we believe this is a first rate and nurturing experience for the children.

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Our Philosophy

Most of a child’s experiences are dependent on their caregiver. What they experience by hearing, touching, tasting and sensing becomes the building blocks of the brain. These early experiences, nutrition and stimulation will have an impact on the formation of lasting learning.

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Our Guarantee

We want children to be excited to learn and have fun while they are with us. We want them to be able to explore their creativity and be happy children. We realize the important contributions children offer and want to inspire them to be the best they can be.

We guarantee to employ outstanding teachers combined with effective curriculum and various supplementary programs to maximize your child’s potential. We believe that the combination for success is: Proper Learning Atmosphere, Nutritional Awareness, and Age Appropriate Exercise Activities